Elopement at Blind Tiger in Portland, Maine on film

June 21, 2023

A quiet, serene elopement for two captured on a blend of analog formats.

It was the middle of the week but one of those days that felt outside of traditional time keeping. The overcast lighting struck the perfect mood. Graceful and spacious, like a ballet.

With elopements, the setting tends to provide all the details. And Blind Tiger, surrounded by all that is Portland, Maine, curates those details to a tee. So now we have the soft lighting and the perfect details ready to set the perfect stage for this wonderful couple.

The photos tell the story of the day so I will keep this short.

Truly, it was a peak life experience to capture such an exclusive moment for these two. They stayed present and kept their focus on each other, surrounded by all those perfect elements that were there waiting for them (with just a bit of planning 😉

Thank you M + T 🙂

Check out Blind Tiger for an incredible Portland stay.

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