Simply put: I want you to attend your wedding. It may sound obvious but these days it takes foresight to keep the focus of your wedding on what you are there to do - get married and be with your loved ones. That is what I am here to capture! All of the beautiful and fleeting in-between scenes, all the unexpected combinations of your guests, all of the planning you’ve done that now gives way to so many stunning unplanned moments. Whether it's just the two of you exchanging vows or if you're celebrating with 200 of your friends, it's important that you tell your story in a way that is both genuine to who you are and to the day itself.

Learning about your vision for the day through our conversations, location scouting, timeline planning and list making allows me - and you - to be fully present throughout the day. Each natural scene that unfolds as a result of your love and effort is a work of art. It's my honor to document these moments to create a collection of images that you'll be excited to look back on throughout your lives.

Is the naturalistic style for you? Take a moment to browse the collection of candids below.


adjective 1. derived from real life or nature.



Almost half of the weddings photographed by Analog Wedding each season are destination weddings or elopements. Getting married is the best time to go on an adventure, right? No matter if you are getting married in Boston, MA or across the world - Reach out with your date and location and I will follow up shortly with a customized package to suit your specific needs.

Analog Wedding is based in Amesbury, Massachusetts.