Our wedding coverage includes two photographers, Ashley Plante and Alex Sandman. Ashley will be shooting on film cameras (with a spare digital in tow) and Alex will be documenting on all digital cameras. This allows us to give you a full and thorough documentation of your wedding day. So many amazing moments can happen in a short time amount of time.  After photographing over 30 weddings together as a team, we are confident in this method of dynamic storytelling. 

We are living in a world of technology and instant gratification, which makes doing things the old-fashioned way so much more special. Artisan bread, hand sewn books, the house your grandfather built — these things all stand out because they take time, experience and passion. And, they remind you of memories for years while having a distinct historical feel. The same goes for shooting film. It forces the photographer to rely on skill, knowledge of light, and hitting the shutter at the perfect moment.

Rather than seeing the image arrive on a screen immediately, the film photographer stays still, with an eye still pressed to the viewfinder, ready for the next moment to unfold. Film forces us as photographers (and you as the couple!) to pause & make memories in the here and now that will remain for generations. 

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